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From the mountain pastures of Abruzzo... your table in Eastbourne

The authentic flavours and textures of Italy have arrived in Eastbourne. Direct from the foothills of Abruzzo - known as the greenest area of Europe - where its pastures run for miles to the shores of the Adriatic, this is the source of Italian food at its finest.

Uniquely, we import Abruzzo-grown mountain lamb for our signature dish, Arrosticini (Rosticks), so you can savour the true taste of the heart of the beautiful Apennine country.

Our pasta is made fresh daily in the traditional way, by our expert chefs, so you always get the most authentic Italian dishes with the best flavours and aromas. Everything we offer at Rostick is genuinely, memorably, deliciously, Italian.

Our menu offers something for every palate, with vegetarian options as well as traditional meat and fish dishes.

From Antipasti (starters) through to Dolci (Desserts), we’re here to demonstrate that Italian cooking truly deserves its place at the top table of cooking excellence.

We think you’re going to love every bite. Benvenuto in Rostick - Abruzzo Amore!

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